A Poem: Five Years From Now

November 17, 2011

Five years from now…

 I rock her in my arms, my little baby girl,

I look at that soft face, her smiley eyes…

She laughs in my arms, and in my heart I ask:

Where will we be five years from now?

Will we have security;

Will we be able to endure?

I hear my little five year old boy,

Reading words from a book on his own,

His voice like a melody of waterfalls…

Just five years ago I was holding him newborn.

He rested peacefully on my chest,

I could embrace him warmly with only one arm,

Now my hand holds his as we walk the path of our lives…

My thoughts travel in time,

Back and forth swinging my girls, again and again…

Made up songs, lullabies, a new baby girl in my arms

Long after I had no hope of feeling any stirrings in my aged womb…

Moments of tenderness, moments of tears, excitement, laughter,
Fears, late at night,
But moments are what I have.

Five years from now matters not at all right now,

For those angels that come to our lives

And fly to their heights.

Five years have no meaning

When we’ll find ourselves in the presence

Of the Author of all creation.

I hold on to this hour and my fears lose their meaning,
Five years ago or sometime in our future,
Because everything is in your hands, Lord,
Every hour, past or present,


11-15-11 Roxana Reyes Davis


My Perspective on a Pageant Experience

July 11, 2011


(my perspective on pageant recent experience)


After the busy days of my 8 years old first experience on a pageant, I was draw to collect my observations.  I watched, listened, looked and saw girls from different ages and backgrounds.  Some showed dreamy, exciting little faces, others (mostly the older ones) their own fears, teary faces just before the great finale…  I gave a hand to a girl who needed to fit on her stunning dress; her eyes told me how scared she really...

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Key Lime Pie

October 30, 2010

Key Lime Pie


I had a desire for surprising my family with a delicious Key Lime Pie!  I looked for the recipe on an old favorite recipe book and began to gather the ingredients.  But when I was finally ready, my youngest daughter decided it was time to demand extra attention. My mom tried to help with her, but the distractions had some undesirable results: I switched steps, overlooked the right sugar amounts and ended up with a pie that did not taste like key lime pie at all!


So I had...

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Damaged - Goods

July 31, 2010

I left behind the memories that caused so much pain. In my consciousness I’ve been trying to live in the present.  But when my present turned out to be unbearable at times, because of my inability to control my anger, I had to question myself and turn to God for answers.


It was in my Twelve Steps Group where I heard the voices of my past and became able to understand my present struggles.  Deep within my soul I hid my “logic,” blaming God for the hurts caused on me by others, an...

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Booboos on my Knees

July 22, 2010

Booboos on my Knees


(Reflections on my Journey of Healing and Deliverance)


When I was 10 years old, after a well-invested PE class, I experienced the normal urgency for drinking water.  We had to walk a bit from the parking lot back to the main building.  There was the long, wide stairs to the second floor where our classroom and the water fountain were.  I decided to run, and in my haste, fell down and badly skinned my left knee.  I didn’t feel much pain at first, bu...

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when songs touched our hearts...

July 22, 2010

A while ago I noticed how worship songs would sound in my mind over and over again...  The words of these songs would
bring peace to my heart, hope and many times a neccesary reminder of God's Word when life seemed tough.
At Southern Hills Baptist Church, our worship Pastor Jesse wrote a song that speaks of God's awesome names, to me it especially speaks of God's love.  This song stayed in my mind this week, it was my company when things looked scary since my husband Pat needed to go to the hos...

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