A while ago I noticed how worship songs would sound in my mind over and over again...  The words of these songs would
bring peace to my heart, hope and many times a neccesary reminder of God's Word when life seemed tough.
At Southern Hills Baptist Church, our worship Pastor Jesse wrote a song that speaks of God's awesome names, to me it especially speaks of God's love.  This song stayed in my mind this week, it was my company when things looked scary since my husband Pat needed to go to the hospital.
Now back home, God gave me a poem I want to dedicate to my CR 12 steps sisters and the worship teams that Sunday after Sunday and Friday after Friday lead us in a grateful adoration toward the Lord.

Everlasting Song

Loneliness tries to deceive medresses as a friend playing blues

hurts turned around to my present

and God stands for me on the cross.


Christ paid the price

of a lifetime

embracing my tears

my laughter and dreams

He turned me around

beholding my soul

giving me instead of destruction,

an everlasting song!


This song, a new song

replays in my heart

my mind overflowing with His love…


I am changed, I am His

I’m turned around

to face eternity

It’s the music God used

to reach one such as me.


Jesus turned me around

beholding my soul

given me instead of destruction

an everlasting song!