Key Lime Pie


I had a desire for surprising my family with a delicious Key Lime Pie!  I looked for the recipe on an old favorite recipe book and began to gather the ingredients.  But when I was finally ready, my youngest daughter decided it was time to demand extra attention. My mom tried to help with her, but the distractions had some undesirable results: I switched steps, overlooked the right sugar amounts and ended up with a pie that did not taste like key lime pie at all!


So I had no praises for this one and felt for a little while like a failure.  I thought: “Next time, I’ll buy the key lime pie!”  A few minutes later after entertaining this thought, I remember my first cookies years ago. Actually I made cookie crumbs that time and only after years of practice I managed to bake great good looking cookies that everyone loved!


God taught me not to give up.  He asks me to keep working on it, to try again and again, to be brave.  But He doesn’t leave me on my own.  His Spirit, my comfort, my strength, is with me every moment reminding me that Jesus’ grace is indeed enough.


So whether your task is a key lime pie or a daily challenge,  our own fears or the failures of our pasts,  we can overcome because of God’s power acting in us!